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If you are looking to move to Norwich or within our catchment, the new Norfolk County Council web page 'Where I Live' will show you the catchment areas within Norfolk. You can either search under your postcode or the school you are currently looking at.

School Catchment Areas - Terms and Conditions

To help parents and carers thinking about school admissions for children, Norfolk County Council has added school catchment information to this website (on behalf of the 78 school admission authorities in Norfolk). Every effort has been made to ensure the information displayed is accurate, but it is not possible to check every address. The information relies on Post Office Address point data to accurately identify the specific location of a particular property and therefore its catchment schools. There is often a delay in new properties being correctly located - so there is a strong possibility that recently built properties will not display a correct catchment area. In addition, where a school is being reorganised, the information shown will only reflect those year groups currently in the specified school. Please note that living in a school's catchment area does not guarantee a place at that school. Admission rules must be used to determine the priority if there are more applicants than places available. We review admission arrangements and a small number of changes to catchment areas occurs each year. However, for most schools the catchment areas will remain unchanged for the following school year. Every family will receive a letter from us inviting them to express their preferences when their child is due to start or transfer between schools, and we will confirm their catchment area in that letter. At any other time you can confirm your catchment area by calling us on 0344 800 8001.

Colman Infant School
Telephone: 01603 491010

Headteacher - Mrs Sandford
Chair of Governors - Ms H Wardale via the school

Mrs Sandford

Chair of Governors
Ms H Wardale via the school