School Aims

Ethos and values of Colman Infant School shared by staff, children, parents and governors


To help every child exceed expectations in a safe and happy school which belongs to the community and are where the best people want to work.

Values – the things that are important to us all

  • Children are central to our School – we care about their aspirations, their learning, their wellbeing, their family and their community.
  • Every child should get the best possible teaching and learning experience every day.
  • Learning should be exciting.
  • We hold equally high aspirations for each child.
  • Staff are valued for their ability to help children learn, to support others and to take opportunities to develop and thrive.
  • We will be responsive and collectively responsible in meeting the needs of each child.
  • Continuous improvement is driven through collaboration, curiosity and consistency.
  • Autonomy is earned through successful outcomes and mediocrity is not tolerated.
  • Leaders will be visible and publicly accountable.

Ethos – the spirit in which we work together

  • Success is measured through the quality of learning and outcomes for children and young people.
  • We will develop, retain and recruit the best people to teach and support our students and their families.
  • Self-improvement means that staff will learn from each other through open-minded collaboration both in and outside the school.
  • Confident leaders will trust confident staff to innovate, take risks and push the boundaries.
  • Good practice will be shared and poor performance will be challenged.
  • We will use data to set strategy based on evidence not opinion.
  • We will seek out, test and copy good ideas from wherever we find them.
  • Collaboration can involve anyone who works in the interests of young people, including healthcare, social care, business and voluntary organisations.
  • Local governance structures will be trusted to lead collaboration and monitor performance to drive continuous improvement in standards.

Children’s and Parents Responses

The overview from the parents and children’s responses is that Colman Infant School provides a safe, happy, supportive and stimulating environment where pupils, teachers and parents care and look after each other.

Parents see the school as welcoming and friendly and value the opportunities for family learning and participation in celebration assemblies.


C          Cultural

O         Outstanding

L          Loving each other

M         Motivation

A          Ambition

N          Nurturing

Our School Code

At Colman Infant School we try to:

  • Care about everybody and everything in our school
  • Think about others as well as ourselves
  • Play nicely without fighting or hurting others
  • Think before we do or say something
  • Listen to what other people are saying
  • Share
  • Be sensible
  • Keep our school tidy
  • Do our best
  • Be polite
  • Be cheerful
  • Keep the school code

The school code forms the basis for expected behaviour in school.  Within the school code minimum rules have been negotiated with the children.

We have agreed to:

  • Walk in school and keep to the left when we walk down the corridors
  • Avoid play-fighting because it can lead to real fights
  • Try not to use words which upset other people
  • Tell the truth
  • Put our litter in the bin

Colman Infant School
Telephone: 01603 491010

Headteacher - Mrs Sandford
Chair of Governors - Ms H Wardale via the school

Mrs Sandford

Chair of Governors
Ms H Wardale via the school