Parental contact at Colman Infant

Parents/guardians are welcome in our school. We regard our partnership with you and your involvement in your child's education as vital. We value the support that you give us. If at any time you feel concerned for your child about anything, no matter how small, or you need something clarified, please contact your child's teacher or the Headteacher. Often issues can be clarified in a few moments either before or after school. This is a busy time for teachers so if you require longer than a few minutes please make an appointment.

Evenings, when parents are invited to discuss their child's progress with class teachers are held during the Autumn and Spring terms. The Headteacher is also available during these evenings should parents wish to see him.

Written progress reports are taken home by the children in the Summer term and a week is set aside for parents to take the opportunity to discuss the report with the class teacher.

Parents are welcome to come into the school on a regular basis to work with children, alongside the teacher and with the teacher's guidance. This helps to give the children confidence in working with other adults and means that they can work in small groups discussing their work and learning new skills.  If you do volunteer in school you are subject to a disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service. You will also need to provide proof of your identity and address. Please speak to the school office for more information.

Please note that the school is a mobile free zone. Therefore we would appreciate it if all mobile phones can be stored away from view whilst on the premises.

During the school year various functions and performances are held at the school to which parents are invited and welcomed.  Our celebration assembly is every week to celebrate the achievements of individual children. You will find out the night before if your child has been chosen for this with a chance to come and celebrate with them in the Friday assembly time.

Once a term each class has a Family Learning session on a Monday afernoon with lots of exciting opportunities for you to work together.

At the end of Year 2, the children in Laurel and Sycamore class perform at their leavers performance near the end of the summer term.

We hope that you will be able to come and support your child, and enjoy these events.

Opportunities are made for parents and other interested people to visit the school and see the range of activities that the children are working on.

A parents' notice board is situated just inside the main school entrance in the lobby area near the library. Recent newsletters, menus, holiday and absence forms are displayed there. There is also a space for free adverts. If you wish to take advantage of this please pass your advert to the school office for display. PTA notices are displayed on the board on the boiler house wall, beside the main playground.

A Home-School Agreement has been drawn up by a group of parents, teachers and governors.  Parents, staff and governors have been consulted on its contents. We hope that all parents/guardians will feel able to sign the Agreement and do their best to support the aims. Please sign both copies and retain one for your reference.


At Colman Infant School we are concerned for the safety and well-being of everyone who enters the school, especially the children.

Health and Safety
The school has a Health and Safety Policy, which is available to parents.

Security Passes
All visitors to the school are required to report to the office where security passes are issued and details entered in the visitor’s book.  Staff will ask any person not known to them, who is not wearing a security pass, if they can help them. If this happens to you, please do not be offended. Not all staff can know all parents and we are trying to keep our school as safe as possible.

The front of the school has an automatic opening door during school hours, with a secondary digital security lock controlled by the office. Other external doors have card activated security panels.

Child Protection
It is a legal requirement that every school should have a designated teacher for child protection issues. Our designated safe guarding lead is the Headteacher. If there are any concerns that a child may be being abused, the school must report these immediately to Social Services. Likewise, if a report on a child is requested by Social Services then the school must provide one.

We hope that parents will understand the school's legal responsibility in this difficult and sensitive area.

School Entrances

There are pedestrian entrances to the school in South Park Avenue and 2 on Colman Road.

Please do not use the main vehicle gates on Colman Road.

These gates are for vehicle access and the area is dangerous at school opening and closing times with cars manoeuvring in the car park.  We regret that there is no room in the car park for parents' cars. That said we do make an exception for children with physical disabilities. These arrangements should be discussed with the Headteacher. Please do not drive into the school car park when you deliver or collect your child.

All gates on Colman Road are kept shut and locked during school hours for safety reasons. There is a small pedestrian gate near the office for access to the office when the other gates are locked.

Please remember to close all gates behind you.

Crossing Patrol

There is usually a school crossing patrol at the traffic lights on the corner of South Park Avenue. The patrol is on duty between the hours of 8.15 am - 9.05 am and 3.10 pm - 3.40 pm.

Colman Infant School
Telephone: 01603 491010

Headteacher - Mrs Sandford
Chair of Governors - Ms H Wardale via the school

Mrs Sandford

Chair of Governors
Ms H Wardale via the school