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School Aims

Aims and Values

It is our aim that all members of the school community should:

  • Feel secure, happy and valued
  • Develop positive attitudes to learning
  • Respond positively to diversity and with confidence to change

We aim to:

  • Provide a broad, balanced curriculum, relevant to children's needs and abilities, where each child can achieve their own potential
  • Fulfil the National Curriculum requirements and provide continuity and progression throughout the school
  • Develop children's intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, physical, moral and cultural growth
  • Create a supportive environment which promotes:
  1. A tolerant caring attitude towards others
  2. Self-control and discipline
  3. A sense of responsibility to the school and the wider community

Our School Code

At Colman Infant School we try to:

  • Care about everybody and everything in our school
  • Think about others as well as ourselves
  • Play nicely without fighting or hurting others
  • Think before we do or say something
  • Listen to what other people are saying
  • Share
  • Be sensible
  • Keep our school tidy
  • Do our best
  • Be polite
  • Be cheerful
  • Keep the school code

The school code forms the basis for expected behaviour in school.  Within the school code minimum rules have been negotiated with the children. 


We have agreed to:

  • Walk in school and keep to the left when we walk down the corridors
  • Avoid play-fighting because it can lead to real fights
  • Try not to use words which upset other people
  • Tell the truth
  • Put our litter in the bin