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British Values

Promoting fundamental British values

In November 2014 schools were given the duty to actively promote fundamental British values. This statement outlines how this will be done at Colman Infant School.

Schools are required to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of their pupils, through this they can actively promote fundamental British values.

What are British values?

  • To regard people of all faiths, races & cultures with respect and tolerance
  • People living in the UK are subject to its law irrespective of views they may hold about what is right or wrong
  • A respect for democracy and participation in democratic processes

How is this supported at Colman Infant?

Opportunities to promote British values are taught through the curriculum and are referenced in teacher’s plans. Collective Worship and School Assemblies are used to promote British values across the whole school. 


Our school also uses the Index for Inclusion. The Index ‘encourages staff, children and young people, families and communities to work together in reviewing all aspects of cultures, policies and practices in their school’. It is a values based approach designed to increase participation.


Our Index Supporters group works to gather views & opinions from our whole school community.