Health and Safety

Medical/Dental Care

Our school has access to the school nursing team. They would be happy to discuss and advise on any worries you may have about your child's health. They also work with class teachers on some of the class topics that involve health education.

During your child's first year at school the school health team carry out height and weight checks and vision and hearing tests. You will be contacted prior to these visits and your permission will be sought.

No health checks will be carried out without your permission.

Accidents and Illnesses in School

It is important that we have parents' daytime telephone numbers and an alternative person to contact in case a child is taken ill or has an accident whilst at school.  Please remember to tell the secretary if any of the telephone numbers change.

In cases of emergency the Headteacher will endeavour to contact parents or guardians concerned but if this is not possible, he will act on the advice of the Medical Officer consulted.


We are sorry that we cannot take responsibility for giving any short-term medication to your child.  If your child has been prescribed medication, but is well enough to be in school, then you are welcome to come and administer the medication. If in exceptional circumstances this is not possible then please talk to the Headteacher about seeking authorisation to administer medicines. Any medicines in school must be stored in the school office.

Inhalers  should be named so that they cannot be muddled with another child's. Only Blue inhalers (Ventilin Salbutamol) will be required at school along with the spacers / mask for use when required. A form will need to be filled in for use of inhalers at school. A duplicate inhaler should be kept permanently at home in case it is needed.  Doctors will issue one on request. A register of all children with inhalers is kept. Inhalers are kept in the childs classroon and we will ensure that your child uses their inhaler when necessary.

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Mrs Sandford

Chair of Governors
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