Active learning is the key to how we work at Colman Infant School. Learning by doing things & having rich & varied experiences.  Learning to communicate through speaking, listening, reading & writing is of central importance.

We provide a broad & balanced curriculum. During the children’s first year at school children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. This focusses on early learning skills in reading, writing & maths as well as fostering creativity. It also encourages children’s social & emotional development & the development of appropriate relationships.  Play is central to learning for all children in their infant years. Children learn though playing indoors & outside.

Aspects of this curriculum are continued as the children move in to Year 1. We strive to build a bridge between the Early Years Foundation Stage & the National Curriculum.

Although we teach distinct skills subject areas are approached through cross curricular themes. Within these are aspects of:

Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Design & Technology, Art & Design, Music, History, Geography & Physical Education.

Different topics have different emphasis in respect of how the curriculum is covered.

This section will be reviewed this term as we have new year group teams in place. (September 18)

Topics by Year groups are as follows:

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Foundation Stage All about me


Autumn / Superheroes Frozen/ Traditional tales Spring / Earth Space / Dinosaurs / Water
Year 1 Fabulous food Autumn lights Animal rescue / Easter Animal rescue / Materials Gorgeous


Year 2 Travel and exploration Norwich castle/ Great fire of London Healthy living / Life cycles Great Fire of London Africa Living things / habitats

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Headteacher - Mrs Sandford
Chair of Governors - Ms H Wardale via the school

Mrs Sandford

Chair of Governors
Ms H Wardale via the school